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How to Save Big Working with A PCB And Flexible PCB Manufacturer?

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In the post-pandemic era, saving time and costs in contract electronics manufacturing matters for your project's success.



FlexiblePCBmanufacturer provides tips for you to save time and costs.


Part 1: What Services Does a PCB Manufacturer Provide?


PCB manufacturing and assembly from prototype to bulk production, including electronic component sourcing;

PCBA value-added services, including conformal coating, IC programming, mechanical boxes, box-built;

Complete testing and inspections for PCB and PCBA - AOI, flying probe, functional jig testing, thermal aging, etc.


Part 2: Get Optimum Design from Your PCB Manufacturer - It's FREE!


An optimum design is critical to saving electronic manufacturing costs.


Reasonable design can save the PCB fabrication and electronic component costs, especially for bulk production.For example, an indoor light doesn't have to be car-grade.


If you are in the developing phase, don't hurry for bulk production until you get the optimum design.


Instead, take advantage of your PCB manufacturer to get the optimum design.


Part 3.Send Full Documents to Your PCB and FPC Manufacturer to Reduce Back-and-Forth


When you send an inquiry to a PCB  and FPC manufacturer, you must expect a quick quotation, smooth conversations with the manufacturer, and quick manufacturing and delivery.Your expectation is totally reasonable.But you need to provide full documents to your PCB  manufacturer in the beginning.


Part 4.Query PCB manufacturing related questions


Question 1.Does PCBONLINE have its own factories?


Question 2.What are the sources of electronic components for PCB assembly?


Question 3.Is the quality of prototyping the same as bulk production?




Quality and costs both matter to electronics manufacturing.To make sure your product quality is high and the manufacturing cost low, work with the PCBmanufacturer to get the optimum design until bulk production.To save the project time, prepare complete documents to reduce the back-and-forth with your manufacturer. 

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