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FPC supplier:What are the benefits of FPC prototyping06-10 02:37
Before going into full production, you need to be sure that your FPC functions as it should. Prototyping is essential to ensure FPCs measure up to your precise specifications, but it can also prevent costly errors.
PCB manufacturer:Annular Rings in High-Speed Circuits06-09 12:12
As PCB manufacturer knows that,the annular rings in a via create a parallel plate capacitor, which affects the via impedance. This implies that more rings along the via barrel, either functional or non-functional, raise the parasitic capacitance of the via.
Flexible PCB supplier china :The stages of the FPCA process06-08 11:25
As Flexible PCB supplier knows that,before printed circuit board assembly can begin, a design file is generally reviewed for potential errors so they can be resolved.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Waht causes of FPC warping?06-07 11:22
As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, Printed circuit boards can become unusable after warping too much. However, every single FPC will show some degree of warping due to the nature of their manufacturing process.
PCB factory china:What is a moisture senstive device?06-06 12:12
As PCB factory china knows that, one of the most troubling aspects of moisture-related damage to products is that it can be difficult to detect during the PCB assembly and testing process.
Health care PCB factory tells you what is PCBA05-31 03:54
Health care PCB factory tells you what is PCBA
Metal core PCB factory:What is FR-4 Material05-30 04:10
As Metal core PCB knows that,traditionally, printed circuit boards are made of a material called FR-4 (Flame Retardant Level 4).
How to solve impedance problems for high frequency PCB05-28 12:01
How to solve impedance problems for high frequency PCB
FPC supplier:Factors that need to consider when using a custom FPC thickness05-27 02:35
Usually, FPC supplier recommends a set of standard FPC thickness values that they can handle without making any adjustments to their machines.
FPC manufacturer tells you what is Double-Sided & Multi-Layer Flex PCBs05-26 04:10
As FPC manufacturer knows that, whether you're looking for a double sided flex circuit or complex multi layer flexible PCBs from your flex PCB manufacturer
PCB factory china tells you what is Printed Circuit Board Prototype05-23 03:58
As PCB factory china know that,The Printed circuit board(PCB) is the basis of all electronic products. PCB can be found in almost every electronic product in the world today.
How to correct solder bridge deffects for Multi-layer PCB05-18 12:19
The best way to address solder bridge defects is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Many of the root causes for solder bridging comes from issues either related to design or process.
Health care PCB factory:What is Peelable Solder Mask05-14 12:12
AS health care PCB factory knows that, a Peelable solder mask is a type of solder mask that can be peeled off the surface of a printed circuit board.
Metal Core PCB Materials and Thickness05-13 05:24
The metal core of the thermal PCB can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB), copper (copper core PCB or a heavy copper PCB) or a mixture of special alloys.
FPC supplier:What is Trace Width05-11 04:36
Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is trace width and why is specifying a particular trace width so important?
FPC manufacturer:What is Corrosion05-10 03:07
As FPC manufacturer knows that,Corrosion is the common name for the oxidation of metals and occurs when oxygen bonds with a metal.
Flexible PCB supplier china :Why Is DFM Important for FPC Manufacturing05-09 04:04
Flexible PCB supplier china :Why Is DFM Important for FPC Manufacturing
PCB factory china:Through hole aluminum substrate05-06 03:47
In complex structures, a layer of aluminum can form the “core” of a multilayer thermal structure, which is pre-plated and filled with a dielectric prior to lamination.
PCB manufacturer tells you about China How to correct solder bridge defects05-04 11:11
As PCB manufacturer china knows that, the best way to address solder bridge defects is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.
What are the types of aluminum substrates of health care PCB manufacturers04-29 03:02
At present, the commonly used LED aluminum substrate has two sides, the white side is used for welding LED pins, and the other side shows the true color of aluminum.
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