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Metal core PCB factory:What is FR-4 Material

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As Metal core PCB factory knows that,traditionally, printed circuit boards are made of a material called FR-4 (Flame Retardant Level 4). This material is a composite made out of glass fiber and epoxy, and is laminated with copper foil on either or both sides. For normal applications, this material is more than sufficient, and provides an excellent value for its function.

But some printed circuit boards need to function in extreme settings. This could be mobile networking, microwave applications, or even operating in outer space.

Placing FR-4 materials in these settings can lead to malfunctioning due to a variety of reasons, such as the temperature. More, the services they provide are often crucial to high-value projects, such as military use. Put simply, you don’t want a printed circuit board malfunctioning if you are in a space shuttle.

This is why Rogers material is considered ideal for radio frequency printed circuit boards.

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