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Flexible PCB supplier china :Why Is DFM Important for FPC Manufacturing

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  As flexible PCB supplier china knows that, DFM check aims to solve issues before official manufacturing to avoid design elements incompatible with manufacturing requirement. Finally, FPC products can be smoothly made with extreme ease and product yields can be increased.

a. Reliability Improvement

    Excellent quality of final products has been the common target as far as electronics manufacturers are concerned. DFM can help ensuring function achievement of products and optimizing their appearance because some essential elements that may lead to manufacturing defects have already been properly dealt with before manufacturing. And higher reliability can be obtained through optimization in terms of some design aspects. For example, a high-quality design of pad is beneficial for the smooth running of reflow soldering. As a result, components can be solidly fixed onto board, normally working as is designed.

b. Cost Reduction

    In the process of design for manufacturability, as manufacturing procedure is taken into consideration, some unnecessary manufacturing steps can be saved to have cost decreased. Besides, as manufacturing procedure becomes simplified, some tools, equipment and labor can be also saved, which is especially important when it comes to mass production. And, the optimizations on board design can help reduce the real estate of board with FPC manufacturing cost going down as well.

c. Cycle Time Cut

    The sooner electronics products enter market, the more profits they will generate. DFM aims to solve hidden danger at the early phase of manufacturing. Accordingly, issues possibly caused in manufacturing process will be decreased. The whole process’s smooth running makes cycle time cut so that products can be rapidly made. Besides, manufacturing staff don’t need to adjust manufacturing parameters once some issues take place in the previous batch of FPCs, which is beneficial to large-volume production.

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