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PCB factory china:Through hole aluminum substrate

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In complex structures, a layer of aluminum can form the “core” of a multilayer thermal structure, which is pre-plated and filled with a dielectric prior to lamination. Through-holes are plated through gaps in aluminum to maintain electrical isolation, which is considered an umbrella term for PCBs dedicated to the LED industry due to its good thermal conductivity.

All in all, as pcb factory china knows that, the types of PCB aluminum substrates of pcb manufacturers include flexible aluminum substrates and through-hole aluminum substrates. For applications, there are also double-sided designs of circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum base, insulating layer, and circuit layer structure. Few applications are multi-layer boards, which can be laminated with ordinary multi-layer boards plus insulating layers and aluminum substrates. Aluminum substrates have excellent heat dissipation, good machinability, dimensional stability and electrical properties, and are widely used in hybrid integrated circuits, automobiles, office automation, large power electrical equipment, power equipment and other fields.

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