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FPC supplier:What is solder ball defect?

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As fpc supplier knows that,A solder ball is one of the most common reflow defects found when applying surface mount technology to a printed circuit board. True to their name, they are a ball of solder that has separated from the main body that forms the joint fusing surface mount components to the board.

Solder balls are conductive materials, meaning that if they roll around on a printed circuit board, they can cause electrical shorts, adversely affecting the reliability of a printed circuit board.

Per the IPC-A-610, a PCB with more than 5 solder balls (<=0.13mm) within 600mm² is defective, as a diameter larger than 0.13mm violates the minimum electrical clearance principle. However, even though these rules state that solder balls can be left intact if they are stuck on securely, there’s no real way of knowing for sure if they are.

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