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Why is Rigid flex PCB is so Expensive

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In simple words, we can say, “Yes, Rigid flex PCBs are very expensive.”

If we compare the cost of a Rigid flex PCBs with a typical rigid board, the price is 5-10 times higher, depending on its complexity. But again, when you need a Rigid flex PCBs for a certain object, you don’t worry more about the overall cost because it is the only option you can go for.

The cost of Rigid flex PCBs depends on a wide range of cost drivers. Firstly, its base material, which is usually polyimide, is very expensive. The common FR-4 board is quite cheap compared to the Rigid flex PCBs substrate.

Secondly, the manufacturing and assembling are a bit more complex than a normal PCB, and it also increases the overall cost. Other than these cost drivers, size, the number of layers, copper thickness, stiffener, gold finger, track spacing, drilling, and surface finish are the main factors that make the Rigid flex PCBs more expensive.

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