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Flexible PCB supplier china tells you what is Full board copper plating

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The entire surface area and drilled holes are copper plated in this process, some resist is poured over the unwanted copper surfaces, and then the etch resist metal is plated. Even for a medium-sized printed circuit board, this requires a power source capable of delivering a considerable amount of current to produce an easy-to-clean, smooth, bright copper surface for subsequent processing. If you don't have a photoplotter, you'll need to use a negative film to expose the circuit graphics, making it the more common contrast reversal dry film photoresist. Etching a fully copper-plated circuit board will remove most of the material plated on the circuit board again. Due to the increase in the copper carrier liquid in the etchant, the burden of additional corrosion on the anode is greatly increased.

Flexible PCB supplier china tells you that the electroplating process of PCB boards can also provide metal plating with high electrical conductivity, good solderability, high mechanical strength and ductility required to withstand component terminal paneling and copper filling into plated through holes from the board surface .


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