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How do Flexible PCB manufacturer fabricate FPC?

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FlexiblePCBmanufacturer learned that,a flexible PCB, abbreviated for FPC, is a polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET) based printed circuit board that can bend and fold.Flexible PCBs can be single-sided, double-sided, yellow, black, white, and transparent.They are light, and thin, and are widely used for applications where flexibility is required.



How to Fabricate FPC Step by Step


Sun&Lynn(深联电路)PCBfactoryChina not only fabricates flexible PCBs but also PCB laminates.For your reference, we illustrate the flexible PCB manufacturing process step by step.



Step 1. Fabricating Flexible PCB Laminates

Step 2. Cut Laminates for FPC Fabrication

Step 3. Drilling

Step 4. VCP Electroplating

Step 5. Circuit Transfer (Exposure)

Step 6. Etching

Step 7. Drilling Positioning Holes

Step 8. Electrical Test

Step 9. Cleaning and Scrubbing

Step 10. FPC Layers Alignment and Lamination

Step 11. Printing Silkscreen

Step 12. Baking Flexible PCBs

Step 13. Surface Finish

Step 14. Finished FPC Electrical Test

Step 15. Forming Flexible PCBs

Step 16. Visual Inspection

Step 17. Sampling Testing

Step 18. Packaging and Warehousing before Delivery


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