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Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you what is Circuit plating

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The process accepts copper layer generation and etch resist metal plating only where circuit patterns and vias are designed. During line plating, the increased width on each side of the lines and pads is roughly equivalent to the increased thickness of the plated surface, so a margin on the original negative is required.

As Flexible PCB manufacturer  knows that, In circuit electroplating, most of the copper surfaces are basically masked with resist, and electroplating is only performed where there are circuit patterns such as lines and pads. Due to the reduced surface area to be plated, the required supply current capacity is often greatly reduced, and the negative negative is often Can be made with relatively inexpensive laser printers or drawing pens. The anode consumes less copper in line plating and less copper needs to be removed during the etching process, thus reducing the cost of analysis and maintenance of the electrolyzer. The disadvantage of this technique is that the circuit pattern needs to be plated with tin/lead or an electrophoresis resist material before etching, which is removed before the solder resist is applied. This adds complexity and an additional wet chemical solution processing process.


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