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Benefits of Using our Heavy Copper PCBs

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Heavy copper PCBs are widely used in power supply systems and power electronic devices. The advancement of PCB technology has led to the development of heavy copper printed circuit boards. In this case, such PCBs have a copper thickness of more than 6oz compared to 2oz of the standard printed circuit boards. 



Why use heavy copper PCB? 

The additional copper thickness allows the PCB to conduct higher current. In this case, such printed circuit boards have a good thermal distribution that makes them easier to implement complex circuitry in a limited space. Moreover, heavy copper PCBs increases mechanical strength comparing with standard PCBs to reduce circuit failure. 


Applications of heavy copper PCBs

Numerous industries benefit from the heavy copper printed circuit boards, including automotive, new energy, military, heavy duty industrial equipment. Also, heavy copper circuit boards are useful in sectors that need to handle the heat generated by complex electronic circuits. Some specific industrial control modules also require heavy printed circuit boards to allow efficient heat distribution. 


For decades, we have been engaging in manufacturing of high performance heavy copper PCBs to supply world-wide customers. The expertise knows how to keep the outstanding consistency and reliability of the heavy copper PCB. Some of the key features include:

Superior quality PCBs

Affordable pricing 

World-wide customer service and technical support

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