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GE Power awards Sun&Lynn as the best supplier of innovation

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Invited by GE Power, PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn Circuits attended the GE Global Supplier Summit on May.30 and was awarded as the best supplier of innovation in the year of 2017. Sun&Lynn is the only PCB supplier for this award by GE Power.



Leon Wen, the CEO of PCB manufacturer Sun&Lynn, was requested to make a speech in the GE global supplier submit. Leon described the growth of PCB supplier Sun&Lynn in the past decade and how did Sun&Lynn develop from a small PCB shop to a mega PCB manufacturer China with an sales revenue of US$245 million. One of the core competencies is innovation. Leon also introduced the on-going construction of the brand new smart PCB production lines in Sun&Lynn Ganzhou phase II facility. The smart PCB production lines integrate automation, mega-data analysis and remote surveillance. It’s the most advanced PCB manufacturing solution of next generation with higher productivity, lower energy consumption and lower production cost.



The award is the best testimony of years of Sun&Lynn’s persistence of innovation. From day one of cooperation with GE, PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn has been holding her company philosophy of being innovative to provide customized PCB solutions.



To satisfy GE’s superior quality standard, PCB supplier Sun&Lynn had spent over 1.2million US$ on special surface ion Chromatograph testing and ion contamination control system in the first two years of cooperation with GE and this is now the most advanced surface cleanliness control system in PCB manufacturing industry. The entire surface cleanliness control system is consist of automatic key process selection, data base of qualified material, ultra purified water supply, real-time on-line electro-conductivity surveillance and final ion contamination cleaning. This surface cleanliness control system guarantee the best surface cleanliness performance for GE products.



Just the next day of the global supplier summit, GE management team visited Sun&Lynn Shenzhen facility to learn more details about the development of the smart PCB production in Ganzhou facility. PCB supplier Sun&Lynn discussed the new business opportunity when the smart PCB production line starts operation with GE management team.


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