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Hikvision awarded S&L for the best PCB quality performance

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Sep.24, Hangzhou, the headquarter of Hikvision, S&L was awarded as the best quality performance in their tier one suppliers. This is to honor the outstanding quality performance of S&L's PCB products.




S&L has been working with Hikvision over 8 years and supplies extensive PCB products including rigid and HDI PCB to help Hikvision in their technology innovation endeavor. Being the strategic partners, Hikvision has awarded S&L as the Best On-time-delivery Performance supplier and the Best Quality Performance supplier in the past years.



The keynote of the Supplier Summit this year -- New start, New journey indicates the guidance to the next stage. As one of the reliable partners, S&L strive to provide excellent PCB products as well as satisfactory service to make Hikvision more successful.  

Pictures: Award certificate, VP of Hikvision and VP sales of S&L Circuits.

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