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PCB manufacturer China: What is Aluminum-Backed PCB

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As PCB manufacturer China knows that,Aluminum-backed circuits are designed uniquely like copper-based PCBs. But instead of the standard fiberglass applied in most circuits, aluminum-backed PCBs contain aluminum metal as their substrate material.

The aluminum layer is reinforced with a heat-insulating material with minimal heat resistance, implying less heat from the insulating material to the backing.

After applying the insulation layer, you also need to use another layer of copper. Below are the benefits of aluminum-backed boards over fiberglass backing:

Cost-effective. Aluminum is a readily available mineral, and it is easy to extract. This lowers its cost; hence, producing aluminum-based PCBs is a cost-effective process.

Eco-friendly. Aluminum is a non-toxic mineral, and it is easily recycled. Because of its ease of assembly, making PCBs using aluminum is also an environmentally friendly approach.

Heat conduction. Aluminum is one of the best metals of conducting heat away from the primary PCB components, like the CPU. Instead of distributing the heat to other parts of the PCB, it dissipates heat into the environment. Besides, aluminum-backed boards cool faster than copper-backed boards.


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