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High frequency PCB:The Principle of Face Recognition

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     Face recognition is a kind of biological recognition technology based on human face information for identity recognition. In face recognition, whether there is a face is first determined. If there is, the size, location and information of each organ of the face are further given. Based on these information, the characteristics and identity of the person are further extracted and matched with the existing face for recognition.

     High frequency PCB learned that face recognition includes face collection, face detection, image preprocessing, feature information extraction, face matching and recognition. Face detection refers to collecting face files of people with cameras or forming face files with photos, and then generating face codes for storage.

    Face detection is to judge whether there are faces from a dynamic scene or a complex background and separate these faces. Image preprocessing mainly removes irrelevant information in the image to minimize the interference caused by illumination external environment or the imaging system to the image so that the image features are clearly displayed. Finally, we extract the feature information from the image to complete face matching and recognition.

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