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PCB supplier china:Why does the PCB board snake-shaped routing

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As PCB supplier china know that,the equal line length of the high-speed digital PCB board is to keep the delay difference of each signal within a range to ensure the validity of the data read by the system in the same cycle (when the delay difference exceeds one clock cycle, the next cycle will be read incorrectly. Data), generally requires that the delay difference does not exceed 1/4 clock cycle, and the line delay difference per unit length is also fixed.

The delay is related to the line width, line length, copper thickness, and layer structure, but too long a line will increase the distributed capacitance And distributed inductance, so that the signal quality, so the clock IC pins are generally connected to RC termination, but the serpentine trace does not play the role of inductance, on the contrary, the inductance will make the higher harmonic phase shift in the rising element of the signal , Resulting in deterioration of signal quality, so the serpentine line spacing is required to be at least twice the line width, the smaller the signal rise time, the more susceptible to distributed capacitance and distributed inductance.


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