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Sun&Lynn High frequency PCB supplier invites you to punch the Japan Automotive Electronics Show!

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 Sun&Lynn HighfrequencyPCB supplier learned that

October 25-27, 2023

Japan Nagoya Automotive Electronics technology exhibition


At Nagoya International Exhibition Center, Japan

(Port Messe Nagoya)

It's officially kicked off

The exhibition will last 3 days!



Such an event

How can there be less of a Sun&Lynn connected figure?

We will take

The most cutting-edge exhibits and experienced sales

In Hall 1, B15-37

Looking forward to your visit!




Japan Nagoya Automotive Electronics technology exhibition


AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya is Japan's leading automotive industry technology show, bringing together a wide range of advanced automotive technologies such as automotive electronics, EV/HV/FCV, autonomous driving, lightweight, parts processing technology and more. Nagoya, the capital of central Japan's Aichi prefecture, is home to Japan's largest automotive industry cluster, with many of the world's leading automotive companies having headquarters and factories in the Nagoya area.



The exhibition is a vane for understanding the world's automotive electronics technology. Automotive Oems and first-level agents from all over the world will be on hand to visit and seek the latest products. The scale of the exhibition has been expanding year by year, and it has become one of the annual meetings that people in the automotive industry "must attend"!


Today is the 2nd day of the exhibition

The live exhibition is in progress

Curious what the show looks like today?


Take your time

FPCsupplierChina  this will take you to explore the secret

A sneak peek of the live show!


First of all, we would like to introduce the sales team of the Japanese branch


On the first day of the exhibition, the deep Link circuit booth attracted many visitors to stop to consult and understand, while showing the company's latest products and technology trends to fellow leaders and partners, and conducted in-depth exchanges. Customers have expressed a high degree of recognition for the products, technology and scale of deep Link circuits.



Our professional sales team

With our superior products

In the exhibition hall to explain to customers...



The next day

Sun&Lynn PCB supplier China will continue in Hall 1 B15-37

Look forward to your coming to punch in!


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