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FPC supplier:When to Choose a 2-Layer PCB Over a 4-Layer PCB

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FPC supplier suggests that picking a 2-layer PCB against a 4-layer PCB requires you to consider some important parameters. This section highlights the points you need to consider when choosing a 2-layer over a 4-layer board:

The optimum functionality constraint in inadequate space: Electronic designing requires selecting the maximum size of internal parts. 4-layer PCBs are commonly used in electronics – they are highly functional and miniaturized. Generally, FPC supplier believes that small and high-performing devices like smartphones work better with 4-layer boards.

More intricate functionality in electronics: 4-layer boards provide excellent support for electronics designed to provide complex and several functionalities. Hence, a 4-layer board is the better option when you want your electronics to be multi-functional.

Enhanced device durability: 4-layer boards offer enhanced device durability than 2-layer boards. Electronics fitted with 4-layer PCBs continue to function well throughout their lifespan due to the reliable performance of 4-layer designs.

Device affordability: Regarding device cost, 2-layer boards are cheaper than 4-layer PCBs. These PCBs involve low production costs and are ideal for low-budget electronics.

Quick product development: When designing electronics on short deadlines, you should choose 2-layer PCBs over 4-layer boards. The former is quick to produce because of a less complex design that guarantees easy rolling out of products.

Apart from the above factors, you should also consider the operating efficiency, signal transmission design, and density specifications.


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