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Advantages and Disadvantages of flex rigid PCB

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    The birth and development of FPC and PCB, gave birth to the combination of flex rigid PCB this new product. Therefore, the combination of flex rigid PCB, is the flexible circuit board and hard circuit board, after pressing and other processes, according to the relevant process requirements combined together, the circuit board of a FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics was formed.


     Because flex rigid PCB is a combination of FPC and PCB, so the production of soft-hard combination board should be equipped with both FPC production equipment and PCB production equipment. First of all, the electronic engineers drew the flex rigid PCB lines and shapes as required.and then,it was distributed to the factory what can produce flex rigid PCB , after the CAM engineer dealing with and planning relevant documents ,engineers would arrange the FPC production line for product PCB, FPC.After completed producing both soft and hard board, FPC and PCB are seamless bonded by pressing machine as the requirements for electronic engineers plan,the board is made from soft hard couple in the end after a series of details processes .

    This is a very important process that is because of the flex rigid PCB is so difficult to produce that there are so many details. Before shipment, generally want to carry out a full inspection, because of its relatively high value, so as not to let the supply and demand parties cause related loss of interests.Its biggest disadvantage is that the price of " flex rigid PCB" is relatively expensive, which may be nearly twice as much as that of the original simple "soft board + hard board". However, if the price of the connector is deducted, the price may tend to be the same, and the detailed cost may have to be actuarial to have a clearer outline.Another drawback is that pallets may be used to support parts of the soft plates for both molding and furnace, which increases the assembly cost of SMT.

But it has many advantages as following:

1.It can effectively save the space on the board and save the use of connectors

    Because the FPCB hard and soft board has been combined together, so the original need to use the connector space can be saved, which for some of the high density needs of the board board, losing a connector space is like picking up a treasure.This joint also saves the cost of the parts of the connector. In addition, the space between the two boards can be more compact by eliminating connectors.

2.The signal transmission distance is shortened and the speed is increased, which can effectively improve the reliability

    The traditional signal transmission through the connector is "circuit board → connector → soft board → connector → circuit board", while the signal transmission of soft-hard composite board is reduced to "circuit board → soft board → circuit board", the signal transmission distance becomes shorter, and the problem of signal transmission attenuation between different media is also reduced.General circuit board above the line is copper, and the contact terminal of the connector is gold-plated, solder foot is plated with tin, and need to use solder paste welding on the circuit board, the signal between different media transmission will inevitably have some attenuation,If the use of hard and soft combined board, these media will become less, the ability of signal transmission can also be relatively improved, for some products with higher demand for signal accuracy, help to improve its reliability.

3. Simplify product assembly and save assembly time

    The combination of hard and soft board can reduce the man-hours of SMT pieces, because the number of connectors is reduced, and also reduce the man-hours of the whole machine assembly, because the need to insert the soft board into the connector assembly action, but also reduce the cost of parts management and inventory, so the management is less.

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