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Flex rigid PCB:Which is more dangerous, leakage or fire, after an electric vehicle collides

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  Electric vehicles are powered by electric energy. Due to the characteristics of electric vehicles, when people think about electric vehicle collision, they usually think about whether the battery will leak electricity or whether it is more dangerous to catch fire. In people's subconsciousness, electric vehicles are just like electronic products such as mobile phones and computers. It is safer to stay at a respectful distance from the earth about leakage. But then again, as a means of transportation, the environment in which vehicles are used is very complicated. For electric vehicles, fire is more dangerous than electricity leakage in terms of electricity leakage and fire.

  Electric vehicles use leakage protection in terms of leakage, so when leakage occurs, the power supply will be cut off to ensure safety, but for fire, it is much more dangerous. It mainly occurs when the vehicle collides. Due to the action of external force, the lithium battery monomer and battery pack are deformed, and different parts of the battery itself are relatively displaced, resulting in tearing of the battery diaphragm and internal short circuit. Flammable electrolyte leakage eventually triggered a fire.

  When the battery collides, the battery will cause the most serious puncture damage, and it may cause the conductor to be inserted into the battery body, resulting in a direct short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes. Flex rigid PCB think,Compared with electricity leakage, the generation of heat in the puncture process caused by battery collision is more severe, and the probability of thermal runaway is higher. Moreover, the fire is uncontrollable, and all kinds of electrical appliances in the car and the interior decoration of the car will form a combustion-supporting situation after the fire, which will directly lead to the difficulty of extinguishing.

  Furthermore, from the material of the battery, once the negative electrode material of the battery encounters air, it only takes a few seconds from fire to explosion. In a word, the final protection method for electric vehicle leakage after collision will strictly implement the protection requirements. The fire is uncontrollable and the danger brought by it is quite serious.

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