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Automotive PCB:Samsung Electronics Successfully Achieved the Industry's Fastest 5G Speed

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      According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics said recently that it had achieved the fastest 5G speed in the industry in a laboratory demonstration that combined multiple channels of millimeter wave spectrum with 800MHz spectrum using carrier aggregation technology.

      The test uses Samsung's 5G millimeter wave access unit, which includes traditional baseband, radio frequency and antenna. Samsung introduced its 5G NR millimeter wave access unit at the MWC Los Angeles Conference in October 2019. The access unit adopts MIMO technology and has more than 1000 antenna components in a single unit.

      In the latest test, Samsung used two test terminals equipped with its latest 5G modem chipset. Automotive PCB learned that these terminals send signals to millimeter wave access units, each reaching a transmission rate of about 4.3 Gbps, and the industry's highest rate of 8.5 Gbps at both terminals.


      Earlier this year, Samsung conducted an experiment with Verizon using a base station in a commercial network in Texas. In this test, Verizon used Samsung's 5G NR access unit to aggregate the 800MHz bandwidth spectrum in the 28GHz band. However, the two sides did not disclose how much traffic the base station handled. Considering the small number of 5G cell phones used by consumers, it may not handle too much commercial traffic.

      Samsung is studying millimeter wave technology in South Korea and the United States. The company said it has also begun to support the commercial deployment of 5G in Japan.

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