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What is the circuit board silk screen in PCB supplier china

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Circuit board screen printing in PCB supplier china is the use of screen printing technology to make printed circuit boards. The silk screen value is the silk screen layer. When PCB supplier china drawing the pcb, it is layered. The layer containing the text is used to mark components or add other information. This layer is called the silk screen layer.

The component shape, serial number, and other descriptive text are printed on the component surface or soldering surface by screen printing to facilitate the plug-in (including the surface-mounted component patch) of the circuit board production process and the maintenance operation of the product in the future.

The silk screen layer is generally placed on the top layer, but for electronic products with a high failure rate and frequent maintenance, such as the motherboard of TVs, computer monitors, printers, etc., a silk screen layer can be set on the component surface and the solder surface.


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