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Multi-layer PCB:There was a case of 5G base station being burned in Holland.

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  According to foreign media reports, a 5G base station case was discovered in the Netherlands last week. There have been four similar cases recently. Some arsonists even left anti-5G slogans on telecommunication towers.

  Similar to the British belief that 5G spreads the virus, these people oppose 5G's impact on human health and invasion of personal privacy.

  It is worth noting that the Netherlands is still testing 5G, and there is no official commercial 5G.

  Radiation and other health problems brought about by network communication are hot spots in the world, and many people are worried about this problem. However, the German-based ICNIRP (International Committee for the Prevention of Non-Ionizing Radiation) has previously announced that 5G does not affect health, which is the same as the conclusion in the guidelines formulated in 1998.

  The radiation of the mobile network is much smaller than people think, and the radiation of the base station is only 1% of the maximum allowable exposure. Multi-layer PCB thinkWhen the smartphone is running at the highest wireless power, its radiation amount is only 50% of the maximum allowable value, but this is an extreme test. In daily use, it is the same as the base station, and its radiation value is only 1% of the maximum value.

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