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PCB manufacturer China:What is a respirator and how does it work

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      Respirators perform important medical operations to fully absorb the respiratory process when diseases seriously affect lung work. For patients with advanced COVID-19, it is very important to provide additional oxygen sources and provide them with precious time to recover and resist infection. Such equipment is needed when the lungs cannot perform their natural function of absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. The function of respirator is to stabilize the patient and perform the function of respiratory system.

     This type of modern system is programmed to work in different modes to meet the individual's personalized needs. The controlled pressure system can provide an optimal level of airway pressure to stimulate oxygen absorption. Respirators ensure that when the appropriate pressure limit is reached, a slow exhalation process is started to artificially maintain the lungs. In general, this is the key point in deciding whether the disease can be resisted and making respirators a key weapon against COVID-19.

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    A special feature of COVID-19 is that it mainly affects the lower respiratory tract, and about 20% of infected persons need mechanical ventilation equipment. PCB manufacturer China found that the huge speed of the development of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused shortages and problems for many countries to provide adequate respirators to ensure the health of their citizens. There are two main types of medical ventilation: invasive and non-invasive. In the second case, a mask with a built-in ventilator is used for treatment, and the mask can maintain sufficient airflow to realize normal respiratory function.

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