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Metal core PCB:Does the fast charging technology of electric vehicles have any influence on vehicles

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  Charging is a part of vehicle energy supplement for electric vehicles. In order to save vehicle charging time and improve vehicle use experience, electric vehicles will be equipped with a fast charging port, which can fill about 80% of the electricity in half an hour according to fast charging. For fast charging, high-power direct current charging is used. By increasing the voltage, the current can be made small at the same power. In this case, the DC voltage is greater than the actual battery voltage, and a large amount of current ions will also flow from the positive electrode to the negative electrode of the battery at a very fast and highly efficient speed, thus completing the process of fast charging.


  Simply speaking, it is like a water pipe. it takes one hour to fill up the water under the condition of small water pressure. however, increasing the water flow pressure can fill up the water in just over ten minutes. this is just like 1+1 > 2. similarly, fast battery charging is also applicable without changing the capacity of the battery. it is realized by increasing the voltage. during operation, fast charging can make lithium ions rapidly embed from the positive electrode and quickly embed into the negative electrode, and cannot cause lithium ion deposition.

  However, when the current increases, a semi-permeable membrane on the graphite surface of the negative electrode will rupture to a certain extent, causing the electrode material and electrolyte to react with each other. When heat dissipation is not good, it will cause a series of problems such as reaction decomposition of battery electrolyte, thermal runaway and battery failure. At the same time, for batteries with lower technical level, the battery life will definitely be greatly reduced.


  Metal core PCB knowing that through the analysis of fast charging on the battery operation, it can be seen that fast charging has an impact on the vehicle. The main impact is on the battery life, which has a certain impact on the battery life. In a word, we try our best to keep the battery in a relatively mild state during normal use. As far as possible to reduce the damage to the battery caused by fast charging.

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