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Tin-lead hot air leveling for Rigid flex PCB

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Application occasions: The current application is limited to products exempted from the RoHS directive and military products.

Cost: Medium.

Compatibility with lead-free: not compatible, but can be used for surface treatment of communication products single board.

Storage period: 12 months.

Solderability (wettability):  high.


* Not suitable for devices with pin center distance <0.5mm, because bridging is prone to occur.

* Not suitable for places with high coplanarity requirements, such as BGAs with medium and high pin counts. Because the thickness of the plating layer of the HASL process varies greatly, the coplanarity of the pad and the pad is poor.

* Due to the relatively large thickness of the plating layer, the hole diameter (DHS) must be compensated to obtain the desired finished metalized hole diameter (FHS), typically FHS=DHS-4~6mil.

Supplier resources: Medium, but with the decrease of customers using leaded processes, Rigid flex PCB are gradually reducing HASL production lines, and resources will become less and less.

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