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Flexible PCB manufacturer:Why More and More Customers Choose FPCA One-Stop Service

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As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, more and more customers asked whether their supplier can provide FPCA one-stop service. Many of them used to purchase PCB circuit boards and components separately only after these two kinds were found.

So here are the reason why more and more customers choose FPC + electronic components one-stop procurement service.

First: the component sales channels are networked, and prices tend to be transparent

At present, the entire component sales network is actually available. Enter the online model, price, manufacturer's production status and whether there is inventory, you can find any kind of material. In fact, the whole process is very simple. If the company buys it on its own, someone who understands the materials needs to be asked if the component supplier is genuine and when it can be shipped. But in this way, the final material purchased may be the same price as the supplier, which is equivalent to spending more money to do the same thing.

Second: labor costs are rising, and costs are reduced to deal with uncertainty

In the face of the current unstable situation, we can really feel that orders are actually not increasing, but decreasing. In the absence of an increase in orders, it is absolutely impossible to reduce labor costs. The entire FPCA one-stop service includes the entire budget, the price is controllable, and there are no other costs, reducing uncertainty.

Third: leave professional matters to a more professional team.


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