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High frequency PCB:How to Break the Bottleneck of New Energy Vehicle Market

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  With the growth of new energy vehicles, it also means that some old models will flow to the used car market. However, many factors, such as imperfect residual value assessment standards and lack of circulation channels, have also brought some troubles to new energy vehicle owners, such as high electricity exchange costs and the inability to sell used cars. How can we break this dilemma?


  In order to solve the difficult situation of new energy used cars being unable to sell, it is necessary to start from the factors that lead to the inability to sell used cars. As a result, the circulation of used cars has imperfect evaluation standards, and batteries cannot be evaluated perfectly. Secondly, factors such as high battery cost and so on. Taking batteries as an example, the low maintenance rate of used new energy vehicles is also closely related to the short mission life of power batteries and the high cost of replacing batteries. After several years of use, the battery performance of new energy vehicles has declined. The price of changing batteries is almost half of the price of a new car, and it is very difficult for a used car dealer to change hands when he receives a car.

  High frequency PCB knowing that in the second-hand car market, the cost of batteries will lead to the situation that second-hand cars cannot be sold, so the evaluation of new energy second-hand cars not only needs to evaluate the car condition, but also needs to evaluate the batteries. Methods and means to reduce the cost of batteries. Secondly, in view of the current industry and enterprises are actively exploring and researching to solve the problems of low maintenance rate of new energy vehicles and high cost of battery replacement, some car enterprises even put forward a lifetime warranty for batteries and launched a buyback and replacement business for their own brand new energy vehicles to improve the residual value of vehicles.


  On the whole, it is essential for enterprises to speed up technological research and development and improve product performance and core competitiveness. With the continuous progress of battery technology, the number of new energy vehicles is increasing rapidly and the residual value of vehicles is also increasing.

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