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PCBfactoryChina:Huawei leads China's foldable smartphone market in H1

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PCBfactoryChina learned that,Aug 22 -- China's smartphone brand Huawei led the country's foldable smartphone market in the first half of this year, according to a report released by research and consulting company CINNO Research on August 21.



With a market share of 50 percent, Huawei outweighed Samsung to lead China's high-end foldable smartphone market in H1 this year.


FPCmanufacturer learned that,in terms of sales, Huawei also took a leading role on China Market Foldable Smartphone Brand Sales Ranking for H1 of this year due to the excellent performance of Huawei's latest product Mate X3 which was launched in March.


Sales of foldable screen mobile phones in the Chinese market increased by 72 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2023, according to data from CINNO Research.


In the first quarter, sales of foldable smartphone increased by 51 percent year-on-year, and in the second quarter the sales increased by 99 percent year-on-year, which has achieved positive growth for eleven consecutive quarters.


Samsung and Vivo grabbed the third and fourth spots on the sales ranking followed by Honor, Xiaomi and Moto.


In H1, 55 percent of foldable smartphones in China's foldable smartphone market are in the form of horizontal folding, and Huawei remained the top leader in this area followed by Samsung and Honor.


PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,China shipped 2.27 million foldable phones in H1, marking a 102 percent surge from the same period last year, according to the global market research firm International Data Corporation as reported by Xinhua.

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