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Flexible PCB supplier china :What important things are realized through Internet of Things technolog

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    The Internet of Things is not a market, it is a technical toolkit that can add new value to your business and provide protection in the event of digital disruption.

    We have heard of fog, cloud, edge, AI, 5G, ML, etc. There is also much discussion on how to use the Internet of Things and the exaggeration of its potential commercial benefits.

    We need to be clear: Internet of Things is not a market. The Internet of Things is a "technology toolkit" that can be used to create new business value while protecting your business from digital disruptions. The toolkit uses standardized technologies to achieve economical and efficient collaboration between devices and services on local (e.g., LAN/WLAN) and wide area (e.g., Internet) networks. It is a toolkit that includes and connects data generation and data consumption computing nodes, from sensors to devices, edge computers, enterprise data centers, and cloud services. The toolkit helps develop end-to-end solutions to support operational excellence or new business models. Secondly, it can include traditional machinery and applications and factory deployment.

    In general, technology has been updated in an evolutionary sense. Apply new technologies to complete traditional tasks in a gradual improvement way. Calling it the pursuit of excellence in operations, it is expected to achieve an improvement of more than 10% and require an acceptable return on investment. Companies usually fund these upgrades annually through IT and OT budgets. Under this umbrella of evolution are exciting new applications, such as predictive maintenance, real-time supply chain visibility, elimination of unplanned downtime, real-time asset tracking, operator augmented reality, etc.

    With the interruption of digitalization, Flexible PCB supplier china  think,enterprises cannot wait for middle-level managers to recognize operational needs and respond to them in a business-as-usual manner. Being in a passive mode just ensures that you are always chasing leaders, usually new leaders that can threaten your business. Therefore, the "top-down" approach to exploit or mitigate revolutionary changes is rapidly becoming the second requirement.

    The adoption of progressive Internet of Things from bottom to top and the adoption of revolutionary Internet of Things from top to bottom are not mutually exclusive. Revolutionary methods are complementary to evolution. It only focuses on strategic issues rather than tactical issues. Most enterprises will find that they need to use these two methods to maintain competitiveness and predict new threats and opportunities.

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