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Rigid flex PCB:Hard and soft board is how one and the same

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Combination of hard and soft board (it Rigid - flex PCBS) is a kind of Rigid Flex PCB endurance and resilience of new flexible PCB printed circuit board, in all types of PCB, hard and soft combination is the most resistant of the bad application environment, thus get the favour of industrial control medical military equipment manufacturers, the mainland enterprise is also gradually improve the hard and soft combination plate accounted for the proportion of output as a whole.

1.Industrial use - industrial use contains hard and soft bonding plates for industrial military and medical use.For most industrial parts, the required characteristics are accurate, safe and not easily damaged, so the characteristics required for soft and hard plates are: high reliability, high precision, low impedance loss, complete signal transmission quality and durability, but because of the complexity of the process, the output is small and the price is high.

2.Mobile phone - applications on the hard and soft board of a mobile phone, often with the twist of a folding phone,camera Module,keypad,RF Module.

3.Consumer electronics, consumer products, with DSC and DV for the development of hard and soft board representative, can be divided into two main shaft to discuss with performance properties and structure, hard and soft plate can be connected to different PCB board and stereo components, so in the same line density can increase the total use area of PCB, the relative circuit can improve the bearing capacity, and reduce the magnitude of the signal transmission contact limit and assembly errors on the other hand, due to the hard and soft plate is light and thin, can scratch flexor wiring, so for the substantial benefit to the reduced volume and weight.

4.Auto - soft hard plate in the car use, commonly used have connected to the motherboard buttons on the steering wheel car video system screen and control panel connection on the side door sound or function key operating connection reversing radar imaging system sensor (sensor, adjust the temperature and humidity in the air quality of special gas, etc.) for communication systems in the back seat of satellite navigation control panel and the front controller connection with boards outside detection system, and so on purpose.

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