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Automotive PCB:What is the composition of the manufacturing structure of the industrial control comp

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  Industrial Personal Computer, also known as industrial personal computer in English, or IPC for short, industrial control computer, is a general name for tools that use bus structure to detect and control production process, electromechanical equipment and process equipment.

  Automotive PCB will tell you more clearly in this way, the industrial control computer is equivalent to the host computer of a computer. Because the IPC covers the motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card and so on that we need in ordinary computers. If you want to know the details of the problem, you can click on an article we did in the first issue, "how does an industrial control computer work? Colade will explain to you the structure of our industrial computer.

  As we know, a keyboard, mouse and a monitor are all that are needed for a normal computer host. In fact, the same is true for industrial computers. We also need a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. Plug in the power cord and the network cable can be used as a computer. Since industrial computers can be used as computers, what is it that people seldom use industrial computers as computers in ordinary businesses? When it comes to this problem, we have to talk about the performance and use of this industrial control computer.

  Industrial personal computers are commonly referred to as computers specially designed for industrial sites. Industrial sites are generally characterized by strong vibrations, particularly much dust, and high electromagnetic field interference. In addition, factories generally operate continuously, i.e. there is no rest for one year.

  Therefore, compared with ordinary computers, industrial control computers must have the following characteristics:

1. The chassis is made of steel structure and has higher anti-magnetism, anti-dust and anti-impact capabilities.

2. There ISA special backplane in the chassis with PCI and ISA slots.

3. There is a special power supply in the chassis, which has strong anti-interference capability.

4. It is required to have the ability to work continuously for a long time.

5. Standard chassis easy to install is generally adopted (4U standard chassis is more common)

  Except for the above features, the rest are basically the same. In addition, due to the above professional characteristics, industrial computers of the same level are more expensive than ordinary computers in price, but generally do not differ much.

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