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PCB manufacturer China:How does the fanless industrial computer dissipate heat?

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    An industrial control computer, the core technology is in the motherboard, followed by the heat sink. As a manufacturer of fan-free industrial control computer, Colade is very important in the design and selection of cooling fins. The heat dissipation performance of heat sink depends on many factors. For example, air humidity, temperature, steam flow rate, heat conduction strength of other components on the main board, radioactive heat dissipation on the heat dissipation plate, and heat dissipation of the components connected to it.

    What are the specific characteristics of the cooling fin design for Colade Industrial Control Computer? PCB manufacturer China to sum up, our heat sink has three main characteristics.

    Firstly,Smoothness of Heat Dissipation Contact Surface

    The plane of the CPU heat sink of the fan-free industrial computer in Colade is in smooth contact with the contact surface at the bottom of the chassis heat sink fin, and heat is alternately transferred to the heat sink fin.

    Second, good air mobility

    In the design of cooling fins for fan-free industrial control computers in Colade, the shape design of aluminum profile fins with increased area is generally adopted. This heat dissipation method can make air quickly pass through the radiator and be transmitted to all the cooling fins.

    Three, practical installation methods

    In order to ensure good heat dissipation and release capability, the pressure value between the heat dissipation fins and the heat dissipation block must be very high. At this time, 2mm stainless steel screws are used for fixing and installation. These are the three major characteristics of the design of the cooling fins of the fan-free industrial control computer in Colade. Each of our products has a different heat dissipation design. Some industrial computers that use CPU with relatively high power consumption need to be evaluated and tested by our hardware engineers to ensure the normal operation of the hardware.

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