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Multi-layer PCB:Is the performance of industrial control computer necessarily the higher the better

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  Recently, some online customers have contacted us on the website. They need industrial computers, but their product requirements are not very clear. When asked about configuration, some of their customers said that the required processor is Core I7, with 16GB of memory and 512GB of hardware. What kind of industrial computer is recommended and how much is the price?

  Multi-layer PCB seldom quote directly to customers. Because some customers have unclear requirements for industrial control computers. In the field of industrial control, the processor I7 used is relatively less and much more expensive. In addition, the customer's demand point may be that the Celeron system's processor can satisfy the application.

  When asked about the customer's application, he said it was used in the new retail industry. For this industry, there have been contacts with relevant project enterprises before. The Cylon U1900 processor for industrial control computers provided to them can meet their needs. In addition, 4GB can be suitable for customers on the memory. On the hard disk, customers do not need to store a large number of files, but only use 64GB for control systems. This kind of customer application will be much simpler to use and configure, and the price is quite different from what the customer said before.

  The higher the performance requirement for the industrial control computer, the better. However, some industrial computers required by customers are used for control. Embedded in the machine, after installing an industrial control computer, it will not move it. For such customer needs, as long as the processing performance of the industrial control computer just meets the operation of the machine software. It doesn't matter if the configuration is too high, it's just a waste of the customer's Money.

  As for the performance of the industrial control computer, the customer cannot grasp it well. It is best to ask the supplier and ask the supplier to provide a prototype for testing.

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