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S&L is awarded as "Core Supplier" by Bourns

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The grand 20th anniversary of Bours Xiamen was opened in the beautiful coastal city -- Xiamen. Being the representative of S&L Circuits, CEO Mr.Wen was invited and attended this big ceremony.

S&L is awarded as "Core Supplier" by Bourns

Some of the senior management from Bourns headquater in CA and her automobile electronics business unit in Michigan also attended this celebration.

S&L was awarded as the Core Supplier of Bourns and this indicates S&L's outstanding capability in automobile electronics industry. S&L's PCBs are widely used on Bourns core products -- sensors of automobile primary control system.

After years of diligent cultivation, we now come to the road of having harvest and customers aknowledement is the fruit of our years of hard work. S&L will fly beyond the sky.

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