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PCB factory china: Spring Festival is coming, red envelope war, who can win?

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During Chinese New Year, money is put inside red envelopes which are then handed out to younger generations by their parents, grandparents, relatives, and even close neighbors and friends.

At some companies, workers may also receive a year-end cash bonus tucked inside a red envelope. Red envelopes are also popular gifts for birthdays and weddings. 

For technology companies, this has been an annual battlefield to entice users to stay glued to their respective services through financial incentives and promotional offers enclosed in virtual red envelopes.
From Jan 25 to Feb 4, an augmented reality-powered game allows people to collect virtual red envelopes by scanning the Chinese character fu, which symbolizes fortune and luck in Chinese and is commonplace ahead of the Chinese New Year. It also ties into a series of events that promotes Alipay's array of services, from ecological protection scheme Ant Forest to Huabei, a consumer credit service. existing users and drawing in new customers.Every year, PCB factory china will attend Alipay's activities, this is not for money, just for a atmosphere of joy.

Those who have gathered five fu representing different blessings stand to equally split the cash prize, plus extra offerings including paid trips to Europe for football matches and a full-year reimbursement of all loans incurred on Huabei.
Search engine Baidu Inc entered the fray this year by allocating up to 1 billion yuan of digital cash to be disbursed in the lead-up to the Year of the Pig.

The free money is deposited directly in the recipients' accounts with the app operator. The recipient can use the digital cash for future purchases via the app or resend it as a gift to friends and relatives who are using the same app, thus maximizing the level of participation for this.

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