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PCB supplier china What is the HASL Process

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This PCB surface finish involves dipping the printed circuit board into a pot of molten solder after applying a solder mask. After this, the PCB supplier china removes the excess solder through hot air leveler. This step involves using hot-air knives.

The thin solder layer offers protection against corrosion. Also, the finish enhances the soldering of components to the printed circuit board during PCBA. HASL can be lead-based or lead-free. Also, the lead-free HASL and lead-based HASL are identical in terms of appearance and usage. However, lead-free HASL comprises the combination of 99.3% tin and 0.6% copper.

This mixture features a higher melting point for lead-free HASL. Therefore, this increases the need for a slight change to the reflow soldering operation in PCBA solution. Also, the flux used in HASL is a special one. This PCB surface finish has to activate the exposed copper surface of the PCB to enhance the solder on the surface.

The solder applied to hot air leveling must have a uniform thickness. Also, the air knife helps to level the solder. However, the impact of the air knife on the solder leveling changes.


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