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PCB manufacturer China S&L visited Bourns to discuss new strategy in 2018

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Jan.31, PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn Circuits visited Bourns to discuss new strategy in 2018. With S&L's global expansion strategy, sales leader in Europe and America did a business review with Bourns global procurement organization team in the meeting. 



The both teams went through the business outlook for the past year, Sun&Lynn's supplier score card and overall performance. Teams also reviewed the on-going projects and new projects in the coming 2 years. Bourns team introduced the latest market news. PCB manufacturer China S&L updated her new expansion plan in 2018 and 2019. 


The review meeting also included a technical discussion. Sun&Lynn Circuits team explained the guideline of PCB design optimization to help customer to reduce cost and increase the competency at the desgin stage. The both parties agreed to draft out a new MSA agreement for the coming 3 years to tighten up the partnership for win-win situation.


As the leading PCB manufacturer China, Sun&Lynn Circuits started to make PCB products for Bourns for her advanced automotive sensing system since 2011 and had been awarded by Bourns as the best OTD performance supplier, the best PCB supplier of the year.

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