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Health care PCB factory:What are the UPS PCB Components

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As health care PCB factory knows that, the following are the main components of a UPS PCB

Rectifier: This is responsible for the conversion of AC into DC voltage. Also, it helps in the recharging of the UPS PCB’s storage batteries coupled with sustaining the float voltage. In addition, it quickly handles all overloads happening in the printed circuit while buffering all surges. Also, it has the ability to handle different fluctuations present in that input voltage.

Inverter: This refers to electronic devices, having the ability to change a specific DC voltage from a specific lead acid battery into a stepped up DC voltage. Also, it is possible to compare the generated output with the main supply’s voltage. This conversion process as well as filtering of AC to DC and then to AC makes sure of electrical spikes, surges, and noise are all smoothened out.

Bypass: This outputs its AC power directly

Switch: This is the circuit, which switches in-between the bypass output and inverter output.

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