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S&L is awarded as "Core Supplier" by Bourns09-03 09:15
The grand 20th anniversary of Bours Xiamen was opened in the beautiful coastal city -- Xiamen. Being the representative of S&L Circuits, CEO Mr.
Dahua11-11 03:28
Sun&lynn provides 4-8 layers PCB with OSP and ENIG applying to Dahua vidicon and transmission products
EVOC11-11 03:27
Sun&lynn provides 4-6 layers PCB with ENIG applying to EVOC industry computer and electricity devices.
GE03-03 03:26
GE, one of the world most respectful companies, innovates the leading technology in new energy, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, 300,000 employees world-wide are serving customers in over 100 countries in the world.
OMRON03-03 03:25
Omron is one of the leading Japanese company, engages in industry automation, automotive, healthcare.
Huawei03-04 03:17
Sun&lynn provides 4-6 layers PCB with goldfinger which’s applied to Telecommunication equipment of Huawei.
S&L Circuit developing line09-22 11:23
S&L Circuit developing line
S&L Cu immersion line09-22 11:22
S&L Cu immersion line
S&L Circuit board wiring09-22 11:21
S&L Circuit board wiring
S&L innner-layeretching line09-22 11:20
S&L innner-layeretching line
S&L Cleaning Line09-22 11:19
Cleaning Line
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:18
Certificate of PCB IP patent
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:17
Certificate of PCB IP patent
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:16
Certificate of PCB IP patent
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:15
Certificate of PCB IP patent
ABB03-04 02:33
Molex03-07 01:50
Established in 1938 and headquartered in state Illinois, USA, Molex is leading the innovation in electronics, electricity and fiber-optical transmission, ranks Fortune 500 and Forbes platinum company.
HuaWei03-04 01:49
this is HuaWei!
ZTE01-27 01:45
this Is ZTE
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