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PCB supplier china:The development of the global electronics manufacturing industry

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PCBsupplierchina understands: since the 1970s, the global electronics manufacturing industry has undergone four migrations.


PCBmanufacturerChina:Global electronics manufacturing industry


① In the 1970s, Japan undertook the first migration of the global electronics manufacturing industry, and the semiconductor industry model gradually transformed into an IDM model, which boosted the development of the Japanese semiconductor industry;


②Beginning in the 1990s, the separation mode of “OEM + Design” emerged.   Semiconductor manufacturing migrated from Japan to Taiwan and South Korea;


③At the beginning of the 21st century, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and new industrialized economies such as the “Four Little Tigers” in Asia transferred labor-intensive and low-tech industries to developing countries, and China became the largest undertaking place for the third industrial migration;


④After 2018, with the disappearance of China ‘s demographic dividend, rising labor costs and trade frictions, manufacturing began to shift from China to low-cost countries such as Vietnam and India.


PCB manufacturer understands,from the perspective of the relocated industries, the early relocations were basically low-end consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturing, assembly, packaging and testing.   However, with the continuous downturn of consumer electronics, many Southeast Asian countries have begun to introduce emerging industries such as automobiles, industries, and servers in order to stimulate their own economic development.   In addition to assembly and packaging and testing, the industrial chain will be further extended to the upstream high-value industrial chains such as EDA/IP, equipment/materials, and design.

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