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The Benefits of High-Frequency PCBs

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High efficiency: High-frequency PCBs with small dielectric constant have minor losses, and the advanced induction heating technique can meet the target heating requirements. Apart from boosting a high efficiency, these boards are eco-friendly.

Fast: The conduction speed is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant. This implies that the lower the dielectric constant, the faster the transmission speed. High-frequency boards require unique base materials to achieve a small dielectric constant and maintain stable operation, boosting the signal integrity.

A high regulation degree: High-frequency PCBs, which is widely applied in different industries for the heating treatment of precision metallic materials, can achieve component heating with different depths and focus on heating as per the local features. Whether the heating techniques are for surface or deep level, you can quickly achieve concentration with the use of high-frequency boards.

High tolerance levels: The dielectric constant and medium display some environmental requirements. Standard boards are adversely affected by humid conditions. However, high-frequency PCBs consist of materials with low water absorption characteristics; hence, they can withstand humid weather. Besides, these boards are highly resistant to chemical corrosion, high temperatures, and peel pressure.


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