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FPC supplier:What is the reason why most computers do not include touch screens?

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Nowadays, whether it is work or entertainment, many small partners cannot leave the touch screen. Indeed, without the cumbersome mouse and keyboard, your fingers are flexible and convenient to use ~ but have you ever wondered why most computers today do not have touch screens? It should be said that the low-end computers do not use touch screens because of the cost problem, and the high-end computers now often do not support touch screens.

In fact, the main reason is that it is really useless to add a touch screen to a computer. Take a desktop computer, for example, a large screen with a size of 20 inches+can move not only fingers but also the entire arm through finger touching. It is very tiring to think about it. Moreover, with such a large screen, it is also very troublesome to clean up the dense fingerprints.

In fact, although finger touch looks simple, it is not as accurate and efficient as traditional keyboard and mouse. If there is a need for drawing, a high-resolution graphics tablet can obviously draw finer lines than a finger. However, for notebook computers, which are much lighter than desktop devices and can be used for mobile applications, the use of touch screens not only has the above problems, but also leads to the problem of excessive overlap with the use of their own tablet computers, thus reducing product sales.

Take Microsoft for example. Once on Windows 8, Microsoft made an attempt to be compatible with touch/keyboard mice, and removed the start menu. Then, this nondescript product received a lot of bad reviews. However, Apple's approach is to try to integrate Mac OS and iOS until mobile phones and computers share an iOS system with slightly different interfaces, so Apple's Mac series are equipped with touch pads.

FPC supplier have to say that the integration of systems and equipment between mobile phones and computers is a big trend, but at the current level of technology, we still have a long way to go.

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