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PCB manufacturer China:What Is DFM?

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Design for Manufacturability for PCB by PCB manufacturer China is also a part of circuit design that aims to make PCBs easily and economically produced through the optimization of design details.

DFM usually occurs prior to real PCB fabrication and is normally carried out by PCB manufacturers since they understand more PCB production details and are aware of the positive meaning of a trivial consideration on design optimization to the quality of the whole batch of PCBs. More significance can be seen on larger volumes of PCB fabrication.

DFM check not only works on bare PCB board fabrication, but on PCB assembly as well. DFM check items for bare PCB fabrication mainly include:

  • Board thickness;

  • Board size;

  • Routing tab;

  • V-cut design;

  • Tracing/Spacing;

  • Via hole;

  • Surface finish;

  • Golden finger;

  • Panelization.

And, DFM check items concerning PCB assembly mainly include:

  • Pad design;


  • Components orientation;


  • Component placement spacing;


  • Reflow soldering pad design;


  • Fiducial mark.


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