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Flexible PCB supplier china tells you Why are PCB Fingers Plaited with Gold

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Generally, circuit board produced by Flexible PCB supplier china contacts points are exposed to regular insertion and ejection because of their interconnection role. Therefore, without a stable contact edge, the fingers will quickly wear out and hinder the device’s performance. The process of plaiting these contact parts with gold improves their durability.

But someone can ask: why do Flexible PCB supplier china prefer gold to other metals in plaiting these edge connectors? Isn’t gold a rare and expensive mineral? Isn’t copper a good conductor and a cheaper alternative? Well, though gold plating is costly, it is a necessity in this case.

Gold is preferred to other minerals because it has excellent corrosion resistance, super electrical conductivity after copper, and can be alloyed with cobalt or nickel to improve its resistance to wear and tear.

Besides, gold is inert – it rarely reacts with other metals. The feature makes gold suitable for making contact parts, which are more exposed to wear and tear and likely oxidize. While silver is sometimes used, it is not ideal for commercial use since it easily reacts with sulfides and chlorides.


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