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PCB manufacturer China:High-Frequency PCB Fabrication

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As PCB manufacturer China knows that,A high-frequency PCB is suitable when integrating a particular signal with an electronic product. It boasts a frequency range of 500MHZ to 2GHZ, making it ideal for high-speed designs, radio frequency (RF), microwave, and mobile applications. These higher transmission frequencies also offer faster signal flow rates essential in today’s increasingly complex electronic switches and components.

A high-frequency board requires specialized materials to establish high-frequency signals. Any slight change in the Er value of the materials will affect the PCB impedance. Most PCB manufacturers use Rogers dielectric material because of its lower dielectric loss, minimal signal loss, cost-effective circuit fabrication, and excellent appropriateness for quick-turn prototyping applications.

As PCB manufacturer China knows that,besides selecting the suitable board material and determining the appropriate Er value, manufacturers also consider aspects like conductor width and spacing and substrate constant. These aspects should be precisely specified and executed with the highest process control level.


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