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The Halogen Free PCB Boards produced by PCB factory china

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A Printed Circuit Board devoid of the halogen elements is called Halogen free PCB in PCB factory china. Halogen elements are Chlorine, Bromine, fluorine, iodine, and Astatine which are very fatal to life. For a PCB in PCB factory china to be considered “Halogen-Free” it must have less than 900 ppm of chlorine or bromine and a total of less than 1500 ppm of Halogen materials.

In context to PCB PCB factory china, the concerned halogen elements like Chlorine and Bromine do have some benefits however these do not outweigh their negative impact that can be caused in our day to day life.

• Chlorine is used as a flame-retardant to protect components and as an element of polyvinyl chloride coatings for wires

• Bromine is used as a sterilizing agent. It can also be used as a flame retardant in electronic components.

Despite their advantages, it is impossible to avoid their negative effects. Chlorine or bromine exposure can result in coughing, nausea, blurred vision, skin irritation, trouble breathing and burning in the eyes. Chlorine-based components can also combine with hydrocarbons to form dioxin, an extremely deadly carcinogen.

It is good to avoid PCBs containing a significant amount of chlorine or bromine.  With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are developing effective PCBs without using these hazardous chemicals.

Advantages of a Halogen free PCB in PCB factory china

These PCBs don’t question health, as they don’t contain more than 1500 ppm of chlorine or bromine. When disposed of such PCBs don’t affect the environment, unlike traditional PCBs which produce dioxin, a toxic chemical, when it becomes e-waste.

Applications of a Halogen free PCB

As they are Halogen free, they can be used in any industry where PCBs are used. The most significant applications are Mobile and automobile in industry, as we used to be in constant touch with our cell phones and cars, and other vehicles. If a PCB is halogen free we can be assured that it will have less of an impact on our health.

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