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PCB manufacturer China:Class definitions of PCB Board

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As PCB manufacturer China knows that there are three general performance classifications currently being used in printed circuit board manufacturing. Each class is a set of standards monitored by the IPC under the IPC-6011 standard. The levels dictate not only the sophistication of the board, but their functionality, performance, and inspection frequency.

Class 1 PCB – General electronic products. These circuit boards are generally used in simple electronics, such as a flashlights, toys, remote controls, and related products. They are considered to have the lowest quality, and have a short life cycle. While they aren’t particularly reliable over time, the devices they are contained in generally aren’t built to last, and can be easily replaced.

Class 2 PCB – Service electronics. Class 2 printed circuit boards have a longer life cycle and are of better quality than their Class 1 counterparts. They encompass everything from microwaves, smartphones, laptop computers, televisions, air conditioners, and more. Class 2 PCBs have great functionality for devices that are intended to run continuously, but aren’t considered to have critical functionality

Class 3 PCB – High reliability or harsh operating environment electronic products. Devices containing these circuit boards must be built with extreme precision and quality, and are intended to last for a very long time. Examples of electronics containing Class 3 fabrication are medical devices and equipment used for aerospace and military applications.

The final performance class of a printed board assembly cannot be any greater than the performance class of a bare printed board. This means that while a Class 2 bare printed board can be used for Class 1 PCBs, it cannot be used in Class 3 fabrication.

Ultimately,  PCB manufacturer China  tells you that the type of circuit boards used in products are determined by their end-user functionality. A cheap electronic toy, for instance, is not held to the same standards as a device that depends on seamless functionality, like an EKG or a military aircraft. Thus, different manufacturers often specialize in different classes of printed circuit boards due to the exacting standards required to create Class 3 printed circuit boards.


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