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PCB factory china :How to Select PCB Surface Coating

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As PCB factory china knows that, great attention has to be paid to PCB surface coating since it’s closely associated with PCB solderability, reliability and shelf life. It should be particularly selected based on application condition and fields.

Owing to different properties and application effect of surface coatings, it should be picked up in accordance with application requirement and specific application fields during PCB manufacturing process and manufacturing complexity and cost cannot be the mainly judging basis.

Generally speaking, in terms of electronic products served for civil industry or ordinary industry, the surface coating whose soldering flux is soldered without isolating layer should be selected, such as HASL, OSP etc.

In terms of the applications striving for high reliability and long shelf life, like medical care, transportation, military, aerospace etc., however, surface coating should be selected whose soldering flux is soldered on the isolating layer, such as ENIG and ENEPIG.

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