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Flexible PCB manufacturer:What is PCB prototype

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As Flexible PCB manufacturer know that PCB prototypes are early samples of products whose sole purpose is to test design concepts to see if they are effective. Although most prototypes are usually used to test basic user functions, engineers need some (if not all) functional PCB prototypes to check the complete functionality of the design.

Engineers and designers use different types of PCB prototypes to test different design aspects. Throughout the project, your design team may use multiple PCBs at different stages of their design process. Examples of these prototypes include:

Visual models: Flexible PCB manufacturer illustrate the physical aspects of the PCB design and show the overall component structure and shape. As the initial prototype in the design process, engineers use visual models to review and communicate the design easily and economically.

Proof-of-concept prototypes: These prototypes focus on duplicating the main functions of the PCB board, and do not have all the functions of the final product. They show feasibility.

Working prototype: These functional boards contain all planned functions and features of the final product. They help identify problems and weaknesses in the design, but rarely represent the appearance or appearance of the final product after it is finished.

Functional prototypes: The designer makes these similar to the final product. They provide the most accurate idea of the final design.


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